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How To Change Infinix Hot 4 pro Imei Without Rooting

Good day dear readers, techvillaz fans and all users of Infinix HOT 4 pro x556.

Without wasting much time,  lets quickly go to the subject matter. In this article,  i will be showing all users of Infinix HOT 4 pro how to easily change their device imei without the need to root their phone unlike Infinix hot 4 which requires root permission before successfully changing Imei.

How To Change Infinix Hot 4 Imei

To users of HOT 4 pro who needs to change their phone imei easily, simply follow below guide to change your phone Imei to enjoy the benefit of it.


1.  Download MTK Engineering mode.apk app from here and install.

2. Goto your app menu and launch MTK engineering mode.

3.  Click on "MTK settings" as seen below.

4.  Now,  swipe left to "Connectivity" and click on "CDS Information".

5.  Now, click on "Radio Information" afterwards as seen below.

6.  You will see "Phone 1 and Phone 2" as seen below.  Phone 1 means sim 1, while Phone 2 means sim 2.

Select phone 1 if changing sim 1 imei or select phone 2 if changing sim 2 imei.

7.  Now,  this is the tricky part,  but don't  worry,  you'll understand  it.

  • After selecting phone 1 or phone 2, you will be seeing below screenshot


  • Now simply type any letter after the  AT+ and then delete  the letter (only the letter).
  • After deleting the letter,  you will be seeing below screenshot.

  • AT+EGMR=1,7,"" means Sim 1
  • AT+EGMR=1,10,"" means Sim 2

8.  Select  AT+EGMR=1,7,"" if changing Sim 1 imei or select AT+EGMR=1,10,"" if changing Sim 2 imei.

  • E.g, i have clicked AT+EGMR=1,7,"" to change my sim 1 imei.

9.  Now, simply follow this pattern from there to change sim 1 imei:


replace xxxxxxxx with your 15 digits imei and then click on "SEND AT COMMAND" as seen below.

10.  Now,  simply reboot your phone for imei changes to take effect.

That's  it,  you have successfully changed your phone imei without rooting it.. Have any questions,  feel free to drop it via comment.

Infinix Hot 4 pro Stock Rom Firmware

INFINIX HOT 4 Pro, the senior bro to previously released Infinix hot 4 features a 5.5’’ HD display and dual high-quality stereo speakers for an exceptional multi-media experience. Powered by Android M, XOS and advanced smart voice technology, HOT 4 Pro is a fashionable and trustworthy companion with an impressive 4000mAH 48-hour battery life. INFINIX HOT 4 Pro boasts an exceptional camera that can capture your most memorable moments. A 13MP camera with five internal lens elements and multiple shooting modes will capture your photos with the finest detail.

In dim lighting conditions the 5MP front-facing camera has been paired with a soft light flash to replenish brightness and accurate color. Wonderful moments are fleeting, but a good camera is always prepared.

How To Root Infinix Hot 4 Pro Using TWRP Recovery

It's smart fingerprint key can scan your fingerprint to experience the convenience of secure ID access. The smart Fingerprint key eliminates complicated passwords and provides secure unlocking, wakes dormant apps, and enables privacy control in various other applications. Infinix Hot 4 pro has lots of other features to explore

Having talking about some of the superb features of Infinix Hot 4 pro, here is a stock rom firmware for Infinix Hot 4 pro users who must have bricked their phone one way or the other or needs the stock rom for any other useful reasons.

Download Infinix HOT 4 pro Stock Rom

How To Install Infinix Hot 4 pro Stock Rom Using Sp Flashtools

See detailed guide on how to install Infinix hot 4 pro stock rom using sp flashtools.

How To Root Infinix Hot 4 Pro Using TWRP Recovery Mode

Recently, we put up an article on how to root Infinix Hot 4 using twrp recovery mode which seems to be the best method for now to gain root access. Not long ago Infinixmobility unleashed the pro version of Hot 4 which comes with added specs in comparism to hot 4 which made most hot 4 users wished they had waited a little while to get the hot 4 pro version instead.

Users who got the hot 4 pro version and have sourcing for ways to root their hot 4 pro, this article will help you in rooting your Infinix hot 4 pro. The method is just the same with that of hot 4 but twrp recovery for Infinix hot pro is what we will be using instead of twrp recovery for hot 4.

NOTE: We will be installing TWRP Recovery for Infinix Hot 4 pro and then use it to root Infinix Hot 4 pro afterwards. Lets begin...



Step 1: First download twrp recovery zip file for Infinix Hot 4 from given link, and then extract the “Recovery.img” and “MT6737_Android_Scatter.txt” file to another folder in your PC desktop screen

how to root infinix hot 4

Step 2: Now, power off your Infinix Hot 4 pro, its time to install TWRP recovery for Infinix Hot 4 pro

Step 3: Next, download the SP Flash tool, and extract its files to another folder your computer. You should get the following files as seen below, after extraction.

twrp recovery for infinix hot 4

Step 4: From the extracted files, open "Flash_tool.exe"

Step 5: Once the flash tool is launched, then click on the download/upgrade tab and click on scatter loading button

Step 6: Now, locate the “MT6737_Android_Scatter.txt” file, which is on your desktop.

Step 7: After that, click download to begin flashing process.

Step 8: Immediately, connect your switched-off Infinix Hot 4 pro  to your computer via USB cable

Step 9: The Flashing process would be in progress, and a Green button would appear once the process is completed.

Step 10. Do not turn on your phone or attempt to boot to recovery mode. Repeat the twrp recovery flashing process again so it will stick.

That’s it. TWRP Recovery is now succesfully installed on your Infinix Hot 4 pro, hence rooting can now be done using twrp recovery mode. Now, pay attention to below method of booting to twrp recovery mode on Infinix Hot 4 pro.


The initial booting to custom recovery mode which is Volume Up + Power button is a bit different on that of Infinix hot 4 pro, though press and holding Volume Up + Power button is still required but this time, trickish. See below on how to trickishly boot to twrp mode on Infinix Hot 4 pro.

→ To boot to recovery mode, simply press and hold Volume up button + Power button until the phone comes on.

→ When the phone comes on, quickly release power button, while still holding volume up button, quickly press power button again twice and hold to boot to twrp recovery mode.

Now let's move to the next phase on how to root Infinix Hot 4 pro

HOW TO ROOT Infinix Hot 4 Pro

Granted you have successfully installed TWRP Recovery after going through the detailed instruction on how to install Recovery image via Sp flashtools to your Infinix Hot 4, now do the following:
  1. Boot your Infinix Hot 4 pro phone into TWRP recovery mode.
  2. In TWRP recovery mode, Choose "Install zip". 
  3. Then navigate to the location you placed SuperUser file and proceed to install
  4. After installing, reboot your phone
That's it, you have successfully rooted your Infinix Hot 4 pro Android smartphone. To verify if its properly rooted, goto Google playstore and download "Root Checker.apk" to verify.

ORRO Z5 plus Stable Custom Rom For Infinix Hot 4 x557

Presenting to all rockers of Hot 4 another cool custom rom for Infinix hot 4. Its ORRO Z5 plus custom rom for Infinix Hot 4. This rom is beautiful in all areas and it's simple, stable, smooth, sleek and fast and based on marshmallow 6.0 OS, fully support Xpose framework and modules for those who loves to further customise their phone.

After much work done, tested for days to ensure its stability, I can say this rom is a daily driver.

I've made this rom more loveable to all by removing unnecessary files eating up internal storage. System now uses 186MB, while 15.82GB free internal storage is left for users to use instead of 10GB. Users can also swipe screen and app menu using sensor.


Everything in ORRO Z5 plus is working including the following, exception of fingerprint.

★ Superb camera quality
★ Good battery backup
★ Stable Data
★ Dual sim support 
★ Dual 3G
★ Bluetooth
★ OTG Support
★ Front and back flash working in camera
★ Screenshot 
★ No flickering
★ No glitch
★ And more..

Infinix Hot 4 Stock Rom Firmware
Qmobile S6 Custom Rom For Infinix Hot 4
How To Manually Install Vcom Drivers On Windows 8, 8.1 & Windows 10

NOTE: Ensure to backup your IMEI, you might lose it after  installation. Incase you lose your imei, checkout this article how to fix null or invalid imei issues.

How To Install ORRO Z5 plus Rom To Infinix Hot 4 x557

→ PC
→ USB Cable
→ SP Flashtools. Download
→ ORRO Z5 plus custom rom for Infinix hot 4. Download here.

1.  Download Orro Z5 plus rom for Infinix hot 4
2.  Extract the rom to another folder in your PC desktop
3.  Download Sp flashtools and extract its contents to another folder in your desktop.
4.  In Sp flashtools, you will see listed files, simple double click on "Flash_tools.exe" to launch it.

6.  After launching Sp flashtools, simply click on "Scatter Loading".
7.  Another window will pop up, now locate the folder you extracted Qmobile S6 rom to.
8.  Open it to fine "MT6580_Android_Scatter" as seen below

9.  Double click on it to auto load needed files to Sp flashtools.

10.  Now, change from "Download" to "Firmware Upgrade" as seen below and then click on "DOWNLOAD" button with green arrow.

11.  After clicking on "DOWNLOAD" button, Sp flashtools will become gray.

12.  Turn off your phone completely and connect it to your PC for installation process to begin process to begin as see below.

NOTE: Do not interupt during installation.

13.  After succesfull installtion, you will see an "OK" pop up as seen below.

That's it, you have succesfully installed Orro Z5 plus rom to your Infinix Hot 4 and all you have to do is simply turn on your phone to enjoy its awesome features.

If you encounter any issues, give us a feedback ASAP.

Download And Install Google Apps Package For Android Nougat 7.0 Custom Roms

Cyanogenmod14 google apps package based on Android 7.0 Nougat are here for download. Users running any of the custom roms based on android 7.0 Nougat or Cyanogenmod 14 Rom can flash the Cm14 gapps directly as the custom roms doesn't come internally with the needed google apps installed. The gapps package we are going to share are for evry user who want apps according to their need the gapps consist of all architecture including ARM, ARM64, X86, X56_64.

Ensure before you download any of the gapps package for your device,do not forget to check the architecture of your device and then download the gapps package according to that only.

Select the desired gapps package from the links below and install it in your device.

Google Apps Package For Android Nougat 7.0 Custom Roms

1.  Pico Google Apps [Android 7.0]

This is the smallest package of cm14 gapps and comes with only basic google apps including google play store, google play service, google services framework, this is ideal for the low end smartphone running custom roms based of android 7.0 nougat. Install this package if you are comfortable with installing the apps of your choice from playstore.

Download Links:

Pico Nougat Gapps 7.0 [55mb]

Arm - Download
Arm 64 - Download
x86 - Download

2.  Nano Google apps:

This pack of cm14 gapps is the second smallest gapps package and comes with all the basic apps of pico package and also with few extra apps like google search and voice search.. Voice search is quite a famous feature and helpful feature, we recommend this pack over pico pack

Download Links:

Nano Nougat Gapps 7.0 [100mb]

Arm - Download
Arm 64 - Download
x86 - Download

3.  Micro Google Apps

This cm14 gapps package is ideal for smart phones having small partitions, it has some additional apps like google now launcher and other similar apps such as  Google calendar, Google now launcher, Gmail

Download Links:

Micro Google Apps [140mb]

Arm - Download
Arm 64 - Download
x86 - Download

4.  Mini Google Apps Package

This cm14 gapps package not only include the basic apps but also include the core apps and comes with apps like hangout, street view and YouTube

Download Links :

Mini Google apps [250mb]

Arm - Download
Arm 64 - Download
x86 - Download

5.  Stock Google apps

As the name says this pack of cm14 gapps comes with all the google will get every google app which you generally get to see in the android devices, preinstalled apps.

Download Links:

Stock Google apps [524mb]

Arm - Download
Arm 64 - Download
x86 - Download

6.  Full Google apps

This cm14 gapps package comes with all the stock gapps package excluding google camera, google keyboard, google sheets and google slides applications.

» Google keyboard
» Google sheet
» Google sheet applications

all the stock gapps are included in the package but no additional gapps

Download Links:

Full Google apps [450mb]

Arm - Download
Arm 64 - Download
x86 - Download

7.  Super Google apps

This cm14 gapps package comes with all the stock apps and also comes with the apps which are available on the playstore but not comes pre installed so it saves your time so that you dont have do download apps afterwords.

Not all the apps comes installed in the android devices there are several gappswhich you have to install afterwards so this package will save your internet data and time

Download Links:

Super Google apps android 7.0

Arm - Download
Arm 64 - Download
x86 - Download

8.  Aroma Google apps

This is the same type of package as super gapps package for cm13 but this also comes with option to choose what application you want to install during the process of flashing, which is a great option.

The option of the power to choose to what to instll and what to not is great as there are several google apps which are of no need but will come along with the package so its better to not install them

Download Links:

Aroma Gapps package [637mb]

Arm - Download
Arm 64 - Download
x86 - Download

How To Install CyanogenMod14 Gapps package android 7.0 Nougat

1.  Download the appropriate gapps package from the links given and store in your device Internal/external Storage
2.  Reboot your phone to cwm/twrp recovery
3.  Click on Install and locate the Gapps package where you have saved earlier and proceed to install it.
4.  Wait for the process of Installing to complete
5.  Reboot once It's done

TWRP Recovery For Infinix Hot 3 Pro

Custom recovery mode such as TWRP, CWM,  PHILZTOUCH,  etc..  as we all know should be a must installed for all running Android OS due to its superiority over stock recovery mode as it allows users make full backup of their phone and restore when needed,  its advanced wiping, gaining root access,  flashing or installing of custom roms and other useful flashable files. If you are new to custom recovery mode,  you really need to find out what it is and also the benefits of it.

In this context,  i present to all users of Infinix hot 3 pro, TWRP recovery for Infinix Hot 3 pro. TWRP recovery is one among the best custom recoveries for Android phone and personally i prefer it to others.  Hot 3 pro users can now rock twrp recovery on their phone as needed.

How To Install TWRP Recovery v3. 0.2 On Infinix Hot 3 Pro

1.  Download TWRP recovery for hot 3 pro from here and extract it to another folder in your PC desktop
2.  Now goto this → detailed guide on how to install custom recovery img using Sp flashtools.

NOTE: Do not attempt to install this recovery to your Infinix Hot 3 pro using Flashify apk app,  the report i received from users who attempted to install it using flashify method was that it ended up bricking the device.  For now,  the PC method of installing works best.

How To Change Infinix Hot 4 Imei
How to install Mediatek Vcom Drivers on Windows 7, 8, 8.1 And Windows 10

[LATEST] GBWhatsapp v4.91_Use 2 Whatsapp In 1 Android


GBWhatsApp is the best whatsapp mod anti-ban whatsapp chatting app. It is packed with lots of features to customize or theme your Whatsapp to your taste. GBWhatsapp is a new messaging app that can be used by the Smartphone and android users for sending instant messages to their loved ones. People were using messaging app Whatsapp till now to send messages instantly as it delivers these messages at faster speed than any other similar messaging app. But it restrains them to use single Whatsapp account for a registered mobile number to send messages as it does not allow you to open another Whatsapp account with the same mobile number.

GBWhatsapp messaging app has been developed to allow you to use 2 Whatsapp accounts on same phone to send instant messages as well as make calls to your family and friends. Most users might have heard about this application and have made use of it but i'm sure there are many who have not heard or use this application and that is one among the reasons of this article. If you do not know how to use GBWhatsapp on single device then you should go through this write-up as it tells you about GBWhatsapp usage.

🔄 What's New In GBWhatsApp V4.91?


★ Base Updated to 2.16.259
★ [ Exclusive ] Ability to Send Audio Clip upto 100mb instead of 16mb
★ [ Unlocked ] All Hidden Features (Gifs, Mentions, Doodle, MultiCast etc.)
★ [ Added ] Option to Change Background Color of Invite Button in Contacts Screen (Mod 2.4.10A) 
★ [ Added ] Option to Change Color of attached contact icon on Main Screen (Mod 2.32.2)
★ [ Fixed ] Error Sending Videos in Few Devices
★ [ Fixed ] White Screen while Attaching Images in Few Devices
★ Other Stability Fixes....

And much more features to explore. You can download GBWhatsApp from below direct download link and enjoy the features of this app and also make your WhatsApp stand out among others.

DOWNLOAD → GBWhatsApp V4.91


How To Use Two Whatsapp In On Phone

1.  Download GBWhatsapp from given link to your phone
2.  Backup your already installed Whatsapp chat and uninstall the Whatsapp afterward
3.  Now, install your downloaded GBWhatsapp
4.  Launch GBWhatsapp after installation and click on "Agree & Continue"
5.  Now, enter your mobile number, allow GBWhatsapp to verify your number.
6.  After verification, your GBwhatsapp is ready for use

Now to use another Whatsapp account, simply download Whatsapp app from Google play store and install to your phone, launch it and input another mobile number tp verify. That's it, you have successfully installed and use two Whatsapp account on one phone at the same time.

How To Easily Change Infinix Hot 4 Imei

Greetings to you all techvillaz fans, users of Infinix Hot 4 x557 and to you reading this article. Today, i will be talking about how to easily and successfully change your Infinix Hot 4 IMEI.

Twrp v3.0.2 Recovery For Infinix Hot 4

Infinix hot 4 x557 which is one among the finest Android phone from Infinixmobility with good specifications and sleek design has been proving sturbon when it  comes to changing its IMEI to enjoy Glo and Airtel bis subscriptions for lovers of such.

I have been receiving mails and calls from most users of Infinix Hot 4 who found it very difficult to change their IMEI using MTK Engineering mode plus version and mobile uncle tools method which is not working on Infinix Hot 4 but after reading this article and complying to what it says, changing IMEI on Infinix Hot 4 x557 will be a thing of the past.

After enough tinkering, Techvillaz has come up with a reliable and easy way to successfully change IMEI on Infinix Hot 4 and so, without wasting time, simply follow below guide to successfully change your Infinix Hot 4 IMEI.

Infinix Hot 4 x557 Stock Rom

NOTE: This method requires a rooted Infinix Hot 4. See how to easily root Infinix Hot 4if you are not rooted.

How To Change Infinix Hot 4 IMEI

1. Download Techvillaz modded chamelephone apk app from here and install.

2. Launch it and grant root access.

3. From the provided space (IMIE 1 and IMEI 2) as seen below, input that 15 digits IMEI number you've been trying to change on your Hot 4 and simply click on "Apply new IMEIs".

Change Infinix hot 4 imei

4.  Restart your phone afterwards for IMEI changing to take effect.

5.  From your dialer, dial *#06# to view your new Imie number.

So friends, that is how to successfully change yiur Infinix Hot 4 Imei number. Do share this article with your friends, your feedback is highly welcome.