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CyanogenMod13 Custom Rom For Leagoo M8
To all Leagoo M8 users who have been searching for suitable and fine custom rom for your device, here's CyanogenMod 13 based on marshmallow 6.0. Are you tired of your Leagoo M8 stock FreemeOS? CyanogenMod 13 is here to make your phone more enjoyable. This rom is stable, bug free, smooth good ram & battery management and can be used as daily drive. We all know what CyanogenMod is, though Lineage Os have taken over.


What's Working :

  • GPSC
  • CameraA
  • Audioin callsB
  • BluetoothU
  • AudioM
  • MicR
  • RILS
  • SMS(Receive and Send both working)W
  • WiFiD
  • DataR
  • RILis now more stableD
  • DualSIMG
  • GappsH
  • HotspotS
  • ScreenRecordingB
  • Bothstorages (SD and Internal) mounting in both Phone and PCG
  • Gapps7
  • 20P working in youtube

What's Not Working?

  • Fingerprint (don't blame me)

To download and enjoy CyanogenMod 13 on your Leagoo M8 phone, your device must be rooted and twrp custom recovery installed. See how to root your Leagoo M8 phone and also install twrp recovery mode.

  1. Download CyanogenMod 13 custom rom for Leagoo M8P
  2. Place rom in root of your sd card or phone storageT
  3. Turnoff your phone and boot to recovery modeI
  4. In twrp recovery mode, make backup of your phoneA
  5. After backing up, gp back to recovery main menu and select "wipe"N
  6. Now select "Advanced wipe" and tick data, system, cache and swipe to wipeA
  7. After wiping, go back and select "Install" and navigate to your custom rom and proceed to installA
  8. After installing, reboot your phoneA
  9. After rebooting, go back to recovery and install Google apps

That's it, you can now enjoy all features of CM13// Don't forget to hit the share button. Your comments and feedback is welcome

Download CM13 Custom Rom For Leagoo M8

Download Infinix Hot 4 Pro Nougat Beta 2 Update
Goodnews Infinix hot 4 pro rockers. The wait is finally over for all users of Infinix hot 4 pro who must have downloaded and installed the previously released beta 1 nougat 7.0 upgrade from Infinixmobility. After much waiting fot the beta 2 nougat 7.0 uodate for Infinix hot 4 pro, Infinixmobility have rolled out nougat beta 2 update for Infinix hot 4 pro which can be downloaded at the end of this article.


You might be wondering what's in the beta 2 update, does it fix any bug? I'm glad to tell you the nougat  beta 2 update is far better than beta 1. I've downloaded and installed and noticed no bugs, the update was cool, smooth and things from beta 1 was corrected. Vibration is now stronger, battery life is much better now, smooth and faster with good ram management

That annoying "system ui has stopped working" bug has been fixed..the vibration is now heavier..and the phone is kinda smooth now..also battery too which is an important aspect is now better. The update is in TCard format which means all you have to do is dowoad from below link and update as usual.

NOTE: If your device was rooted, do not try to update your phone as you might end up bricking your phone. Format your phone or flash your device stock rom using sp flashtool and then download Nougat beta 2 and install.

Infinix Hot 4 Nougat Beta 2 TCard Update _

Monday, July 17, 2017

Google Pixel 2 XL New Concept Render Thin Bezels
Google Pixel 2 XL is one of the most anticipated handset of the year, and a YouTube channel called ‘Concept Creator’ has just shared its vision for the Google Pixel 2 XL.

This YouTube channel released quite a few concept designs in the last couple of months, and this Pixel 2 XL design looks rather interesting, at the very least, and it is based off of the recently leaked render, actually.As you can see, the device combines both metal and glass, just like the first-gen model, but it looks much sleeker than the Google Pixel or the Google Pixel XL.

This concept’s fingerprint scanner is placed on the back, and the glass part is located in the upper portion of its back, where the phone’s main camera, dual-tone flash and some sensors lie.

Google’s branding can be found on the back of this phone, and the glass on top of the phone’s display is slightly curved. All of its physical keys are placed on the right (volume up, volume down and power / lock buttons), while you’ll notice a Type-C USB port on the bottom of this phone, and next to it lies one of the phone’s microphones.

As you can see, this phone barely has any bezel on the sides, and its top and bottom bezels are also quite thin. The device looks like a combination of the LG G6 and the Galaxy S8, more or less.

This handset comes with a 3.5mm headphone jack which is placed on the top of the device, and the designer shared several color variants of this phone in the provided video. You get to see Gray, Blue, Green and Red colors of this concept Pixel 2 XL handset.

Now, the source did not share all that much spec info, though that was to be expected considering this is just a concept phone. Concept Creator did, however, talk a bit about the main camera of this phone, he said that we’re looking at a 12-megapixel shooter ‘Super Motion Camera’ here.

Now, the real Google Pixel 2 XL is expected to ship with a 5.5-inch or 5.7-inch QHD display, and it will probably include 4GB or 6GB of RAM on the inside. Android O will come pre-installed on this smartphone, and the device will be fueled by the Snapdragon 835 64-bit octa-core processor.
Simple Tricks To Stop Your Phone Battery From Discharging Quickly
A very good news for all smartphone users who are upset with their smartphone’s battery performance and optimization. Though we now we have several battery optimization apps for extending battery life but it seems our device battery tends to rundown or discharge quickly. Although Some of the battery saving apps works while some doesn't but here, i'm going to tell you five key smartphone charging mistakes that you must avoid and how avoiding it can help your device battery.

Charging Your Infinix Phone Overnight:

There are many people, including me who left the phone plugged in overnight for charging. We just need to break this habit. Charging overnight affects battery longevity, and it also makes your smartphone overheat. Therefore, make sure to unplug your charge when you feel it is sufficiently charged.

Remove Your Phone’s Cover Or Case If Possible:

Well, this is not the ordinary thing to do, maybe the person nearby you will start to laugh if you do so. However, removing the Phone Case or Cover will eliminate the “Locked” heat that is being produced while it was charging.

Don’t Touch The 100% Limit While Charging:

Well, 80-85% battery backup is enough for a day, and it’s ideal for overall battery lifespan. Reaching the 100% charging mark is not the good option because it will overheat the battery, thereby affecting battery’s life.

Don’t Discharge The Battery Completely:

Well, we always tend to use our smartphone until it is switched off due to low battery. We usually ignore the low battery warning. However, the full discharge weakens the lithium battery. It’s recommended to do a full discharge of battery once or twice a month to perform battery calibration.

Using Good Quality Or Your Device Original Charger:

If you recently lost your phone' original charger, then you need to be extra careful while choosing the right charger for your phone. What we do is we always use any substitute charger, we never hesitate to use our friends’ charger to charge our smartphone. However, make sure to charge your smartphone from the original one because this will ensure your phone doesn’t overheat or charge in a way it supposed not to.

Using Your Phone While Charging:

You will agree with me we all do this, the charging and using of our smartphone at the same time. Do you know what happens when you are using your device while its still charging? It makes the phone not to charge properly and if you notice, it takes time to add 1-2% while charging and being used. Another reason is that it destroy your device battery holding feature thereby making it become swolen as time goes on, resulting to damage. There are many reasons not to use your device while it's charging. To save your device battery life, avoid usage while charging

Switch Off Your Phone

If you don’t need your phone while you’re sleeping or after business hours, just switch it off. Also turn it off if you are in an area with poor reception because the constant search for service depletes the battery quickly. Plus forget the flight mode on planes; you’re better off switching it off completely.

Turn Off Bluetooth and Wi-Fi

We all use this feature in our phone but do you know both are power hungry features? So disable them when they’re not in use.

Switch Off the Vibrate Function

Smartphone vibration feature is another power hungry feature which can drain your battery any time it vibrates. Most of  us love that vibrating feelings whenever we are using our device keyboard in typing. Switching off vibration feature to prevent our device battery from draining quickly can help prolong battery usage.

Avoid Flash Photography

Flashes are powerful and use lots of energy. Same goes for using your phone as a flashlight. Not saying you shouldn't use your device flash to take pictures in a dark environment, but in a situation where your battery percentage is not what you wanted, avoiding flashes can help prevent your battery from draining incase of an emergency

Reduce the Screen Brightness

Do you know high screen brightness affects your device battery? Yes it does and setting the brightness of the display to the lowest level possible will impact battery life greatly. The same goes for the back light.  Reduce your time to one or two seconds to conserve your battery.

Close Applications

Shut down apps if they’re not in use, including nonessential apps running in the background.

Don’t Leave Your Phone Cooking in the Sun

Makes sense. Do not leave your phone (or dog and kids!) in a hot car or anywhere with hot temperatures. There is an optimum temperature range cell phones function at.

Avoid Animated Backgrounds

They look cool, but any animated pictures or wallpapers will drain your battery faster than a normal picture. To prevent your battery from draining quickly, just avoid animated backgrounds

Black Screens are Better than White

Black screens use less power than white, I don’t know why but it’s true.  So go with a nice textured black screensaver. It dosnt have to be black like black but black background with some matching styles

Turn Off the GPS

GPS uses battery power like crazy. What's the point keeping your GPS ON when you don't need it? Try to use it only when you really need it.

Turn Off Notifications and Syncing

Notifications and background syncing aren’t crucial to use your phone, but the constant updating and displaying of messages consumes a good deal of energy. Turning it off will help your phone' battery life

Update Your Apps Regularly

Not always the case, but regularly updating your apps so you have the most current version will utilize less power.

I’m not asking you to use your smartphone only for brief calls with a dark screen! But in the situation of a long flight, a day at the beach, or away from a power source,  you will need to know how to save your phone’s battery and these tips will be part of your survival kit.

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Collection Of Infinix Nougat Stock Roms Released So Far
In this article, we have compiled all Android Nougat 7.0 stock roms released for supported Infinix smartphone so fa.


 Android Nougat 7 OS is a very impressive upgrade from Google for all supported Android smartphone users to update their lollipop or marshmallow OS of their device to enjoy new features lacking from previous Android Os. It brings a number of new features to help make Android more powerful, more productive and more secure. It introduces a brand new JIT/AOT compiler to improve software performance, make app installs faster, and take up less storage.

If your Infinix smartphone is among Infinix devices receiving Android 7 update and you are yet to update yours, now is the time to do so as you are missing from important and dope features found in Nougat Os. Below is a list of updates and download links for AndroidNougat 7 stock rom update released for supported Infinix device so far.

Infinix Zero 4

X555-H538A1-N-170331V117        TF CardFlashtool
X555-H538B1-N-170331V86          TF CardFlashtool

Note 3/Note 3 Pro

X601-H536A1-N-170324V139       Tcard update,  FlashTool
X601-H537A1-N-170327V87         TFcard FlashTool

X601-H537B1-N-170327V63         TFcard , FlashTool
X601-H537C1-N-170327V36         Tfcard_update , FlashTool
X601-H537A1-N-ID-170327V6     FlashTool

X601-H537A1-N-ID-SKD-170328V3 16+3 Tcard_updateFlashTool

Zero 4 Plus Beta 2

X602-H972AC-N-170518V29  TFcardFlashtool

Infinix Hot S Beta 3

X521-J5088A1C1-N-170602V34   Download
X521-J5088E1G1-N-170602V34   Download

Infinix S2

X522-H539A1-N-170411V68, TFcard,  Flashtool update
X522-H539C1-N-170411V62 TFcard,  Flashtool

X522-H539D1-N-170412V63 TFcard  Flashtool
(NEW)X522-H539A1-N-ID-170413V2 TFcardFlashtool
X522-H539C1-N-ID-170413V2 TFcardFlashtool

Infinix Hot 4 3G(16+2)

X557-H807AD-N-170512V44 TFcardFlashtool

Infinix Hot 4 Pro 4G (16+2)

X556-H371A1-N-170517V33  TFcard update
X556-H371A1-N-170523V45 TFCard Update

Download TF Card if you want to manually update your device to nougat using system update or recovery method. Flashtool update can be installed using Sp flashtool method. Personally i prefer the sp flashtool method, reason being that you will not errors when after installing. Just ensure you choose "Firmware Upgrade" during installation.

How To Install TF Card Update:

  1. Reboot your phone into Recovery mode, just like we did back when we made our Nandroid backup.
  2. Head to the "Install" or "Install ZIP from SD Card" section of your recovery.
  3. Navigate to the ZIP file you downloaded earlier, and select it from the list to flash it.
  4. Wait for the process to complete; it may take a few minutes.
  5. Depending on your situation, you may also need to wipe your data and/or cache. In TWRP, you'll find this under the "Wipe" section, and in ClockworkMod, you'll need to either choose the "Wipe Data/Factory Reset" option or the "Wipe Cache Partition" option. When you're done, you're free to reboot into your new ROM.

How To Install rom Using Sp Flashtool:

Simply goto detailed tutorial how to install stock rom using sp flashtool

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Things To Check Before Buying Used iPhone Or Android Phone
When buying a smartphone, at times our budget tends to be a stumbling block to get what we really want instead of the other. iPhone or Android, one can’t always afford to buy brand new smartphone in the market, but at the same time, you would not want to end up with a subpar phone.

The option to buy already used or refurbished phone might be a great alternative to some or many. Though the phone will be used, but if there is no much wear and tear and everything is still functional, it’s still a good bargain in my opinion. However, apart from the looks (scratches and dents) if there's any, there are lot of things one should consider and in this context, i'm going to tell you in details about things to check before buying used smartphone inorder to avoid wasting your money and time

1. Ensure The Phone Hardware Is Still Functioning

The most important findings one should perform on any used device is its hardware quality. You will agree with me you wouldn’t want to end up with a device having faulty camera, bad speaker, dead pixel(s) on the screen, touch screen issues, etc.

Although doing these findings manually could be time-consuming and there’s a high probability on skipping important things but thankfully there’s an app for that on both Android and iOS which can help you with these findings automatically and save your time

  • To find out about hardware of an old or used iphone, simply download and install a free app called ReGlobe. This app is an online marketplace where you can sell your old or used smartphones. There’s an in-built tool which can help you with all the necessary hardware checks.
Once you install and launch ReGlobe on the iPhone you wish to check, it will guide you through the hardware check one after the other. In the very first step, it will check for all the radio hardware and give you a complete and accurate report.



Next, it will help you to check other hardware such as volume rocker, home, power and mute slider button followed by the mic, earpiece and even the screen for any dead pixels. All these checks are accurate and comprehensive, giving you a better insight about the iPhone you want to buy.



At the end of the check, ReGlobe will give you a buy-back price for the phone but as I’ve already mentioned, that’s optional, whether you wish to sell the phone for some hard cash.
  • If buying used or old Android and then you want to check its hardware, you can download and install the Phone Doctor Plus app to make the necessary hardware findings. The app tests for 30 hardware items and sensors, some of which include Multi-touch, Earphones & Microphone, Gyroscope, Proximity Sensor and Display.

2. Checking Phone's IMEI Info For Authenticity

When buying used smartphone, checking its imei info for authenticity is a must to be performed as it helps to check if the device was stolen or blacklisted in any of the markets. The best way to do that would be by finding out the device IMEI number and checking it on an online database.


  • You can simply find the Imie by dialing *#06# and once you have the number, open IMEI Checker homepage and type in the IMEI number of the device and perform the check. If the phone was reported stolen, the service will provide the Blacklist status as Blocked/ Blacklisted

Note: It can take up to few days before the IMEI number is added to the global blacklist and the service does not guarantee that it’s error-free. Also, it will only work when a complaint is filed for that particular IMEI number.

3. Activation Lock

Checking activation lock status is necessary because if a phone (Android or an iPhone) is forced reset, you will not be able to use it on your personal ID.

  • To check the activation lock status for iPhone, open the iCloud Activation Lock web page and type in the IMEI number to perform the check. If "Find My iPhone" is enabled on that IMEI number, it will show up and then you should ask the seller to turn it off before buying the phone. Reason os that if you buy a device with activation lock enabled, you will not be able to configure it under your iCloud ID. So ensure its been disabled before buying.

  • For Android users, there’s no direct way to know if the phone has the activation lock enabled or disabled. But you can switch on the phone and try configuring it under your Google ID. If the phone prompts that the reset perform was not done the right way and that the old ID is required before you can configure it, it simply means that the activation lock is on. In that case, a fresh of that Android device stock rom will be a perfect fix. 

4. iPhone Warranty Status Checking

Warranty status checking is another important thing to perform when buying used  or old iphone. To check the warranty status of an iPhone, just open up the Apple’s Check Coverage webpage where you can check the service and support coverage on the iPhone. Just type the serial number of the iPhone and check for its warranty status. Go here to know how you can find the serial number.

Android users, on the other hand, can only rely on a valid bill with IMEI number to know the warranty status of the phone, which normally is up to a year.

Final Words

Before purchasing any used or refurbished smartphone, ensure to do all the necessary checkings so as to avoid wishing you never made the purchase in the first place.

Friday, July 7, 2017

Latest Fully Unlocked Fifa 14 v1.3.6 With 2017 Players Transfer
You will agree with me fifa 14 still remain the best Android football game ever  made for Android smartphone because it can be played offline without internet connection, compared to its successors.


Are you already feeling bored playing your fully unlocked fifa 14 android game? Maybe due to the fact its based on old squads without updates. That question was put into consideration for all lovers of fifa 14 android game who can't stop playing the game due to its features such as offline gameplay, manager mode, tournament, kickoff, etc. That's why we are sharing with you latest fully unlocked fifa 14 with 2017 latest transfers.

This mod is based on fifa 14 v1.3.6 and comes with 2017 latest squad transfer in their respective clubs and countries with little changes such as players faces and so on. You can now enjoy using new clubs and countries players in your favorite club and country. As usual, the game is already %100 fully unlocked and you don't need to root your device or do any tweaking or patching.

> Download GTA 5: Visa 2 Mod Apk + Data

There is no special settings to  enjoy this mod, all you have to do is download fully unlocked fifa 14 v1.3.6 with latest players transfer mod apk file, data and obb. Install, move the required data and obb folder to its right place and keep enjoy fifa 14 Android best football game.

What's New?
  • Fully unlocked
  • No glitch
  • No black screen
  • No auto data deletion
  • 2017 latest players transfer

How to install and play

1. Download fully unlocked fifa 14 v1.3.6 with 2017 latest transfers apk file and install

2. Download mod data file containing latest transfers and english commentary and extract its folder "" to Internal Storage/ Android/ Data

3. Now, download mod obb file and also extract it's folder "" to Internal Storage/ Android/ Obb.

4. Finally, turn on/off your wifi, launch game and enjoy


2017 latest transfers fifa 14 v1.3.6 Mod Apk file
Latest data file + english commentary
Latest Obb File

Download, install and enjoy. Have any issues, tell us about it via the comment

Monday, July 3, 2017

Fix For Possible Reasons You Can't Install Apps In Your Android Phone
If you're having problems installing apps on your Android device, it could be due to one of the following issues. At some point when trying to install app on our Android device, we end up getting "app not installed" error which could be so annoying especially when we realise that the same app installed and worked perfectly in our friend's device or worked on our previous Android phone.

Personally I have experienced such and so far i was able to find a fix for it. And since Android evolves around us and i know many must have encountered such when trying to install an app to their Android phone but got "app not installed" error, i decided to drop this article. So, let's check out the problems and how to fix

1. Your Android phone doesn’t have enough storage left

This is one among the reason we do get "app not installed" when trying to install an app to our Android phone. If this is the case, simply check your device available space.
You can check this by going to phone Settings and then storage. But if your device storage says you still have enough space left to contain more new apps, then try other approach

2. Your phone’s cache could be causing the problem

If you downloaded the app from play store and then you get "app not installed" error, clear Google Play Store's cache and data on from your Android device and try downloading and installing the app again.

To clear cache go to  Settings → Apps, Google Play Store, scroll down and tap on clear data. Just below that, you should see clear cache. Clearing the Play Store's cache could solve the problem

3. Your Android OS is too old and needs updating or upgrade

This is another case where you can get "app not installed" error. Some apps will only work with later OS updates while almost all apps works with any Android OS.  Trying updating your phone if there is an update or upgrade for it and then attempt to install the app again.

You can check for update by going to Settings, About and then System Updates. Check Update. Or Flash Tcard or Flash Rom Update. If no update is available for your device, installing a custom rom meant for your device will probably fix things up for you.

Your phone's operating system may need an update

4. A factory reset of your phone may fix the problem

In most cases, resetting your Android device might solve the problem. Before you do that though, make sure everything important on your phone has been backed up into your sd card so that you can recover it after the reset.

To reset your phone, go to Settings, Backup & reset, and then press Reset.

5. You're using a screen dimming app

It's quite common to use an app to adjust your screen's brightness or the colour of its light. If you are using an app like this, it may be the reason you aren't able to install Android apps. If you’re seeing the Install button but can’t click on it, this is most likely the problem you are having.

The reason for this is the way these screen dimming apps work. In order to adjust your screen’s output, the app actually adds an additional graphic element on top of your ordinary display. When your phone detects this, it disables the Install  button. This is a security measure designed to protect you from malicious software. If it didn't do this, malware could use an overlay to trick you into doing anything it wanted.

Disabling the screen-dimming app should fix the problem. Once you have installed the app you want, you can enable the screen-dimming app again, and enjoy your Android.

6. Downloading and installing app's old version

I realised there are some old version apps who don't go very well with latest Android OS. In the case of Marshmallow OS, i experienced "app not installed" after upgrading from lollipop to marshmallow and then tried to reinstall my favorite apps which i kept its raw files in my sd card. Some apps installed while some was telling me "app not installed". But after downloading those apps latest version, it ended up installing flawlessly. I experienced another after upgrading from marshmallow to nougat, some of my apps refused to install but after search for its latest version, it worked. Always ensure you download app's latest version.

7. Corrupted app or apk file

This is most common with apps downloaded from outside Google Play Store. The app is either corrupted or incompletely downloaded or copied as the case maybe.

Double check the apk files you download and be sure they were completely copied or downloaded.

8. Apk signature/certificate clash

Installing another version of an app (with a different signed certificate) on the same device will probably result in this error. Installing an unsigned app could also result in this error. This error is very common when trying to install batman telltale game apk file or the latest walking dead game by telltale. I recently installed batman telltale series apk and data which i was so enjoying the game afterwards, later i downloaded the latest walking dead game by telltale and attempted to install but got "app not installed" error.

After uninstalling batman telltale to see if it's the reason, i tried installing the latest walking dead game and it installed flawlessly. I tried installing batman telltale apk file again, but it refused to install. Apk signature clash was indeed the reason


Cases like when you launch an app and it quickly pop up "unfortunately app has stopped" can also be as a result of not updating such apps to its latest version. Check if such apps have its latest version and then try and download and reinstall. It works.

Saturday, July 1, 2017

Bank rates per dollar using naira debit card transaction online
Making payments online for any kind of transaction is becoming increasingly popular and everyday, many people tends to troop in based on the cheap price of good quality stuffs found online.

Payments for goods purchased either from eBay, Amazon, Aliexpress, etc. or for services rendered like paying for your web hosting usually require e-payments (Paypal or using debit cards: Visa, mastercards, etc).

The restrictions of Paypal in Nigeria is well documented, opening and funding a domiciliary account is super inconvenient and expensive, Western Union is another story, what then is the alternative for those intending to start a small business, those that simply want to buy a $200 item on aliexpress or pay for an international service rendered on the internet?

Our banks have put so much restrictions on using the naira debit card internationally, whether it is their fault or not is a discussion for another day. Some do not allow spending internationally at all, some have killer rates that you wouldn't even dare to consider....

Three banks, GTBank, UBA and Access bank, to some extent, have provided an escape route for light spenders. But lately, things became worst as those three banks have decided to worsen things by increasing their dollar rate.

Initially​, GTBank charges N320/ dollar using their naira mastercard with a monthly limit of $100. But now, the current rate is dancing between N390-400/ dollar.

Access Bank used to go for N325/dollar using their naira Visa card or mastercard with same $100 monthly limit. Now, Access bank current rate is N375/ dollar

UBA is another case. This bank used to charge N315.99/ dollar using their naira Visa card or mastercard, giving $3,000 daily limit for all it's customer and one needs to be awake at around 12:00am to get its $100 share for the day. But recently, they choosed to join the wagon by increasing their rate to N385/ dollar.

Wether these conditions will change positively or negatively soon, only time will tell. For now, the trending solution is the application of Payoneer mastercard which can be used in making online payment and purchases. Price of its dollar or funds depends on who owns it and how much he/ she is willing to sell. You can get your own Payoneer MasterCard here for free and shipped from abroad without any charge and use to make online transaction

What do you think, do you know any other better way of making international e-payments, how much does your bank charge you for these transactions? Let us know in your comments below.
Vivo unveils Under-Display fingerprint scanner on their newest Vivo Xplay 6 smartphone
Vivo beats competitors to the punch by unveiling Under-Display fingerprint scanner on their newest Vivo Xplay 6 smartphone


Gone are the days when it use to be either Apple or Samsung that will always come up with the newest and most amazing innovations. These days, other young brands you wouldn’t expect are coming up with great innovations that are carving their niche in the smartphone industry.

This time, the much-anticipated feature was found on Vivo’s newest Smartphone, the Vivo Xplay 6. Vivo just unveiled the first Smartphone with an under-display fingerprint scanner. Before now, rumors have it that Apple has been exploring under the screen fingerprint scanners, but nobody expected Vivo to be the first company to come up with it.

This technology was made available by Qualcomm but Vivo worked it into a Smartphone first. At MWC shanghai, Qualcomm announced its latest ultrasonic fingerprint solution, with the new highlights being its integration underneath Oled displays up to 1.2mm thick and also working fine when under the water.

The technology uses Piezoelectrics to send ultrasonic waves through the display glass to read fingerprints. Qualcomm allowed Xiaomi get their previous generation of “Sense ID” solution which they used on their Mi 5s, but this time, the SoC maker allowed Vivo get this one first.

The Vivo Xplay6 came fitted with Qualcomm’s under-display fingerprint scanner. For the phone to unlock while under the water, Vivo applied the same ultrasonic tech to a spot on the back of the phone. So, even with wet hands, the technology on the phone can still work.

Soon, the fingerprint scanner which is almost becoming a norm on every new Smartphone will find its way from the back or from the home button to the screen. But before then, let us allow Vivo to beat its senior competitors to the punch on this one.