Tecno H6 Latest Firmware Version With 5GB Free Internal Storage For Use


To all Tecno H6 users, this post was specifically made for you guys. I assume we all know that Tecno H6 is of two versions or type, the old version with build number H6-G325-20140923  but has 2GB allocated free space for use and also the new version with build number H6-G325-20150122S  which comes with 5GB free space for use, yes you read me well, 5GB free storage for user use. Anyway, I can say I’m so dissapointed at Tecno for not making the new H6 version with 5gb free space to be an OTA update or upgrade for the users of old version to just update or upgrade it using their device or flash via sp flashtools. Instead they decided to make a new H6 version with 5gb free space & selling it in the market, thereby leaving the users of old version with 2gb free space in darknes.

Anyway, back to the main point of this post, to the users of old version of H6, I have come up with a reliable & trusted way to help you guys switch from the old version firmware to the new version firmware so as to enjoy 5gb free internal space for usage & other changes instead of 2gb. Below are different screenshots showing you what I mean.

Build Number: H6-G325-20140923

Build Number: H6-G325-20150122S

  • Not at all, everything’s working perfectly.
  • NO, it’s Tecno H6 official latest stock firmware version.
  • 5GB free internal space for your use and other noticeable changes.
NOTE: I have personally helped my friends switched from H6 old version to the new version without any issues. If you encounter any issues which I know you will not, but if you do, don’t fail to info me via the comment box…

How To Upgrade Tecno H6 To Latest 5gb Firmware
1. Download  Tecno H6 Stock Latest 5gb Firmware and also download SP Flash Tool For flashing the Upgrade

Do This First Before Flashing Rom: Connect your H6 to pc using USB cable to detect and auto install needed drivers. 

2. Unzip the downloaded files. You can use software’s like WinRAR or 7Zip to do that. 

3. Open folder named “Flash Tool” and double click on “Flash_tool.exe” application

3. Select “Scatter-loading ” option on the Sp flashtools. 
4. Select file named “ MT6582_Android_scatter ” from the firmware folder
5. Click on “Firmware-Upgrade ” option on the top as shown below & then select Download
6. Switch off your device or remove &  insert battery, Connect your  Tecno H6 with working USB cable. Ensure your device device battery is upto 50% or 60.
7. The upgrade process will be triggered and you would be able to see the following screen.
8. The following screen will appear, on completion of the upgrade.

CAUTION: DO NOT disconnect/ try to switch the device on while the upgrade is in progress.
9. Disconnect device, boot go recovery mode and wipe data + cache and reboot your device. 
Congratulations! You are now using the NEW VERSION/ FIRMWARE: Build Number: H6-G325-20150122S

For those who have already installed CMW (Clockworkmod Recovery) to their  H6 old version you are not forgotten, lols. Enter here to download clockwokmod backup.

NOTE: I’ve compressed the flash files to zip for easy upload & easy download. So all you have to do is download the zip file from below link, unzip or extract it by using winrar or any zip extracting tools to find the !files to flash. Also, backup your IMEI before proceeding, then restore afterward.


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  1. That's weird. Everyone who downloaded and used the same password i send to you aint complaining of incorrect password. Try using another extraction tools or software to extract

    • Boot to recovery mode and wipe data and cache, then reboot it will work. If it still persist, redo flashing pop process again and ensure you format your h6 via so flash tools before proceeding to reflash. Must of the errors experienced after installing or flashing ROMs via sp flashtools is because users failed to format or purge their device via so flashtools before proceeding to flash ROMs into their device

    • The password is correct. ensure you type it in small letters. 2ndly, only extract the rar file to find the file to flash folder and proceed to flash using Sp flashtools

    • 1. Download and install mobile uncle tools.

      2. Launch it and grand root access.
      3. Now, click on IMEI Backup and backup your imei number from there.

      Use same procedure to restore

  2. After upgrading my tecno H6 to the latest firmware that has 5GB available space for storage, I notice that my phone no longer detect network signal whenever I set it at 3G only. Has anyone upgrade his/her H6? Did you observe such problem? Pls how was it resolve?


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