Ultimate Method To Unbrick Dead Infinix Hot Note x551 [Sp flashtools Interuption]


Ultimate Method To Unbrick Dead Infinix Hot Note x551 [Sp flashtools Interuption]

Hello everyone! I know so many people are frustrated after bricking their infinix hot note x551 because of phone updates or interrupted SP Flash Tool and their devices go off  to an extent it can’t even boot or charge and it looks totally dead but still detectable by the pc but SP Flash Tool can not detect it . Well, I have been a victim of this recently but i came up with a solution, calling it “My way method”..lolss..  So don’t panick, your hot note x551 device is not dead & gone, it can be revived . 

What actually happens is that the phone usually goes into deep sleep if  Sp flashtools encounters error while trying to do its thing on your device, and the battery power supply system is usually disrupted in a way that the phone can not charge , boot or load boot loader or even respond to SP Flash Tool again, but its still detectable by the pc. This is an issue with phones with non removable battery. I would say you wait untill the phone drains its battery which will take days to do so before trying it out with Sp flashtools again but that will be a long ish. So the ultimate shortcut is to actually disconect the battery from the device by unscrewing and opening up the device so as to disconnect the battery from its panel. 
Note* that if you do this you loose your warranty, but who gives a F*** about warranty in this regard..lolss


  1. Manually open the device by unscrewing using screw driver.
  2. Disconnect and reconnect the battery from the panel.
  3. After reconnection, screw up your phone and proceed to flash your Stock MTK Backup or the latest Lollipop update for infinix hot note x551 using Sp flashtools.
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Done! that’s the magic. You have successfully brought back your dead infinix hot note x551 back to life.
NOTE: The above procedure are for those who has mind and who also knows what they are doing. I can assure you, after following this procedure, your device will be up and running again. For those who can’t go through with it, you can contact me for help..
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  1. Good day, my hot notw 16+1 bricked when trying to downgrade from 5.1 to 4.4. the flash with spflashtools was successful but it went blank.
    Ive tried the removing the battery chip and plugging it back.
    Doesnt seem to do anything still.
    Any ideas?

  2. Hello there, I'm a blogger at Xtrahola, tried your method with my Infinix hot note x551 16gb + 1gb and it worked perfectly.

    My advice for anyone who would want to take the risk of upgrading or installing a new custom rom is to get a set a screw drivers, you just might need it. Thanks

  3. please my infinix hot note x551
    wont power on and i can not detect by pc …..when i connect it into the pc,you will heard hear a beep sound goes on and off(connecting and disconnecting)…please what should i do now ?


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