Browse And Download for Free With MTN Music Plus



Lets get started  :
First of all, you need to know that this cheat is related to the music+ cheat…. so if u have never done the music+ cheat before,  go to your message and send music to 5900

 …dial *559*2# to check your balance..under music+

Download and install Simple Android Server. Download here. Then go to your simple android server settings and input the following settings:

•••Injection query/url= 
•••Injection host= 
•••Proxy host =
•••Proxy port= 8080 
•••Connection Timeout=10
•••Injection type=Inject 
•••log level=debug 
•••Buffer size=8092

Then go to your normal phone internet settings and create new APN with the following settings:

•••Proxy =
•••Port= 8080 
•••Apn type= default 

That’s it, now turn on your internet, launch and start Simple Android Server and blaze. 

To power all your apps you need to download and install  AUTOPROXY, get it here and set it with below settings:


NOTE: Your phone must be rooted before using Auto proxy. You can go here to root your device.

Now, after You have exhausted your 150mb.. you must have #0:00 balance on your MTN SIM… Text d to 5900, you will be given another 150mb… After geting your reply, Check your balance and connect again….after exhausting the given 150mb …send Cancel7d to 5900 then wait for a reply then send D again to 5900 When they reply you check your balance again…and thats how you can keep on renewing the 150mb over and over again…. You can renew it within minutes self.

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Depending on how u can finish the 150mb.. But i’m sure that’s waay too small for many people…..Well i call this cheat UNLIMITED MUSIC+…


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