How To Easily Root Any Samsung Galaxy S4 Using TowelRoot


To the geeks, rooting is must do thing on any smartphone running Android Os. To me I’ll say gaining root permission in an Android device is an essential thing to all using Android as it enables you take full control of your Android smartphone. Like I use to say “An Android device without root access is not yet a complete Android”. To know more about benefits of Rooting and other Smartphones terms, Enter Here. Without wasting much time, let me quickly go down to the main point of this article on how to easily root any Samsung galaxy S4 device. Follow below guide step by step to successfully root your Samsung galaxy S4.


Step 1. Download & Install TowelRoot. Download

Step 2. Launch TowelRoot app and hit the “Make it ra1n” button, and let the app do its thing. It’ll automatically reboot your device, and then you’ll be rooted!


Step 3: Install SuperSU

While TowelRoot will root your device, it will not install a root manager, which is critical for keeping malicious apps from gaining root access. Far and away the best root manager is SuperSU from developer Chainfire. Goto Google Play Store and download and install SuperSu by Chainfire

Install it and run. You can skip the part where the app asks if you’d like it to remove KNOX, but to each their own. Either way, you’re rooted and ready to roll. To verify if your device is properly rooted, install Root Checker apk app from playstore.

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If given step does not work for, redo procedure backward by installing SuperSu before installing and TowelRoot and clicking on “Make it ra1n” button.


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