Samsung May Unveil Galaxy S7 In Two Screen Variations Coming February 2016


You heard it right..!!! yes, Samsung’s Upcoming major smartphone, the seventh phone of S series i.e. S7 could launch coming February 2016 and it will be coming in two size variations, according to media reports. Markets are fully loaded with the latest series of mobiles from big brand companies. Rumors have it that Samsung galaxy S7 will soon arrive. Samsung is one of the major tech-savvy companies. Samsung is making its steps faster than ever. .  Sophisticated high technology in the hardware and software is to be put to ensure best ever performance and reliability. But, this question is still left answered that will this device also be stuck in problems of hanging frequently with some unjustified bugs. Samsung needs to improve a lot for software part. Rumors are also in the direction that hanging problem will not peruse with Samsung anymore. Let’s have a closer look on the media reports about the launch of the seventh member of S series. After S6 enhanced Galaxy S7 will set its spirit in the market.

The Rumors:

Samsung has already planned to ready 5 million devices for launch. The Galaxy 3.3 million and 1.7 million S7 Tagus Galaxy S7. Rumored release dates for the flagship phones have varied from as early as 10 January in Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show – would be typical cycle ahead of Samsung – 20 February at around the Mobile World Congress Barcelona, ​​the company’s usual place. Rumors are rumors; exact date will be when rumors prove correct. Other recent rumors proclaim that the Galaxy S7 could have an eye-scanner to unlock the phone with the eyes. If I tell you about my experience with Samsung, my experience with initial galaxy series was poor due to a lot of bugs but with S5 and S6 was very nice. Hope that S7 is going to deliver the same enhanced experience.

What Are The Media Reports About Galaxy S7 Launch?

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Media talks about the possibility of next release by Samsung. It expected that the news models to be known by the names the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge respectively. The new devices may get publically disclosed by February 20 2016, according to the media and CNET news. South Korea Electronic Times reported that the smartphone 2016 would have a 5.2 inch standard with straight sides and a larger 5.5-inch variant with curved sides, a result of the transformation from the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge, which both were distributed in 2015 with 5.1-inch screens and straight sides, but the edge was curved sides. Samsung still remains the only phone maker that has used a vertical edge of the curved screen. LG GG Flex and Flex 2 devices curved slightly downward in the center. As demand for the Galaxy S6 Edge initially exceeds supply at any given time, there is some question that arises in the mind – whether Samsung has learned something from that model. This could be the reason why Samsung Galaxy S7 can be much cheaper and affordable to buy than Galaxy S6.

Buying a new phone and replacing the old one is a craze. Isn’t it a crazy..?? I can think your answer will be a yes because it is more than a craze. What everyone wants is the latest and the best and that is what the Samsung galaxy S7 is going to offer in an efficient and value to money offer.


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