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How To Easily Play YouTube Videos Faster Without Buffering

YouTube is the number one video sharing website where you get to watch movies both latest and old, trending musics,  other people’s video and also upload yours for others to view. To YouTube users, as you all know that streaming videos on YouTube at times could be very frustrating when the video you want to watch keeps buffering. At times, what causes a video to buffer is when the network connection at your area is very slow or sometimes it might be factors like video quality etc.

How To Easily Play YouTube Videos Faster Without Buffering

Most users has stop using it while some users might not want to leave YouTube for other video streaming networks, as YouTube is the best over the rest streaming app. So, if you wish to make your YouTube videos buffer faster, in a way that you will experience any buffering with any video (streaming online like you’re watching videos offline), then this article will help you.

How To Stream YouTube Videos without Buffering

This tutorial will be your guide on how to watch YouTube videos faster using either your Chrome browser or Mozilla firefox.

1. Firstly, you have to download the Smartvideo YouTube extension for Chrome Browser or Mozilla Firefox , and this include the extension to your chrome browser or add to your Mozilla firefox browser. If you’re a firefox user, the setup is automated, so you’ll start streaming video with best streaming quality, for chrome users, follow below procedures.

How To Easily Play YouTube Videos Faster Without Buffering

2. After installation, now go to YouTube and enter any video you wish to watch, and then navigate your mouse cursor in between videos, you should see a small rectangular box that will pop below the video.

How To Easily Play YouTube Videos Faster Without Buffering

3. Back in the box, make sure that the “smart buffer” box is checked; you can also go to Global preference and tweak the settings to your satisfaction.

How To Easily Play YouTube Videos Faster Without Buffering

4. That’s it. You can now play your video with high quality streaming level with buffering.

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