XIAOMI one of the most powerful names when it comes to the android business is set to release it’s newest “BABY” the ” XIAOMI MI MAX “

We now have official specs and a picture of the device as well as prices for all three versions. Checkout what we know so far about the Xiaomi Mi Max. 

Xiaomi Mi Max price and release date

The lowest cost version of the Redmi Note 3, another Xiaomi phablet, was around $168. But according to the official Xiaomi Twitter account, the
Xiaomi Mi Max lowest cost version will be more expensive at $230 with
two other versions costing $260 and $300 (more on the versions in the
specs section). This is lower Xiaomi’s newest flagship, the Mi 5, was
released at $410.
The Xiaomi Mi Max
will be released tomorrow, May 10 in China and we will report any
details that come from the event. Though we don’t have any information
on an exact release date, we will tell you as soon as we find out.

According to the leak site GizChina,
Xiaomi polled fans to determine what its newest phablet would be
called. The possibilities to choose from were: Xiaomi Pro, Xiaomi Plus,
Xiaomi Big and Xiaomi Mi Max. Since Pro is already in use in a Xiaomi
device it is probably too similar. Plus is used in a number of different
devices from other manufacturers. That left only Big and Max as natural
choices and Max ultimately won out.

The Xiaomi Mi Max name was determined by a poll from fans.

Xiaomi Mi Max specs

According to a tweet from the official Xiaomi Twitter
account, the Xiaomi Mi Max will be able to get a full day of use
without a charge. This is nothing special, even for a phablet, but the
battery is going to be 4,850 mAh which is sizeable. I expect a battery
this size to last longer than a full day, especially when you consider
the specs.

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The Xiaomi Mi Note display
was 5.7 inches but the Xiaomi Mi Max is going to be even larger at 6.4
inches. The Mi Note had a 1080p IPS LCD display and its flagship Mi 5
had a similar screen. 
Xiaomi confirmed many of the rumors previously reported by AndroidPIT but
there are a few differences. Official tweets show three versions and
not two: a 32 GB device equipped with the Snapdragon 650 processor
backed up with 3 GB RAM costing around $230, a 64 GB variant with the
Snapdragon 652 chipset backed with 3 GB RAM costing $260 and a 128 GB
version with the Snapdragon 652 processor powered by 4 GB RAM priced at
around $300.

The Xiaomi Mi Max will
come in three different colors: silver, gold and grey. The body will be
metal with a flat back and sharper corners. There are capacitive buttons
and the power button and volume rockers are on the side. You can see
the first official picture of the Xiaomi Mi Max below.

Xiaomi Mi Max features

Renders of what is rumored to be the
Xiaomi Mi Max surfaced from a factory in China and gave us our first
glimpse of the device. The design is similar to the Xiaomi Note and
could feature capacitive buttons as you can make out in the picture

At MWC, Xiaomi unveiled a unique feature for its
flagship smartphones, a new camera system with image stabilization yet
unseen in the smartphone world. We now know the Xiaomi Mi Max will come
with a 16 MP f / 2.0 aperture rear and 5 MP front camera with an LED

SO! keep your fingers crossed guys, tell us what you feel about this Xiaomi’s new flagship device


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