Monday, June 13, 2016

How To Debloat A Stock Rom


Bloatwares are unnecessary apps that are preinstalled in a rom by the manufacturers of a device or by various carriers. Some of these apps in most cases cannot be uninstalled because it was installed in "/system" folder making it difficult to remove. This guide will show how to remove boatwares permanently.

**Effects of BOATWARES
Too many unnecessary bloat apps on a rom can have severe effect on the rom. It could lead to high ram usage because these apps are constantly running cache processes in the background. Battery draining is a must, Lags and so on.

**How to remove BLOATWARES Competely and permanently from a ROM

Tools For this Tutorial

# Notepad++ [for modifying buid.prop]  CLICK ME

MTK Bootimg unpack/repack tool [for unpacking your bootimg] CLICK ME

System.img unpack/repack tool [for unpacking and repacking system.img] CLICK ME

Advanced Apktool [for zipaligning apks] CLICK ME

Your Stock Rom

Java Runtime Environment

Now this tutorial is pretty lengthy because of pictures and all so i compiled it in a PDF format

Download PDF File: CLICK ME


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  1. It is so difficult to remove the boatware from the device.There are many unnecessary apps already installed by default.But most of the people do not understand about the methods of removing those apps permanently.The way I need help writing my research paper could be a great method to remove the apps installed by default in the various devices.

  2. I have samsung galaxy grand prime plus G532F
    i followed your steps until reached process of repacking
    how to repack?
    you mentioned to copy all the files from stock rom to debloating folder!!
    my stock rom was Tar file,,,when extract it it become seperate img>
    there are no other files to copy? where to find files you mentioned?
    or what to do?
    does this process is succesful for samsung? can be uploaded by Odin? or how?

    1. This method is for Mediatek Android phones not for Samsung phones


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