India To Make World 1st Crypto-Communicator


India is about to develop a phone which will be coming with some advanced security features. The awaited Phone goes by the name “BitVault” which is said to be the world’s first crypto-communicator. What’s interesting about BitVault is that it will boast some security feature which will make the entire device encrypted. The phone was made jointly by Embedded Downloads, Ireland and VVDN Technologies, India.

India Is About To Make World’s 1st Crypto-Communicator

BitVaultwill be solely produced in India without a single or tiny Chinese component. In terms of launch date and availability, the smartphone will be unleashed globally, going on sales from November 2017.

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According to VVDN Technologies co-founder and vice-president who told Times of India that BitVault will not be called mobile, although it does make calls and is compatible with all existing service providers but It’s the world’s first crypto communicator and blockchain smart device that provides users a secure platform that can only be operated with unique keys generated only by them. BitVault will utilize the biometric identification combined with near-field communication tech and also users can create a private and public keys each time the device is used by operating the iris and fingerprint scanner. The best thing is, these private and public keys are not stored anywhere.

The private and public keys will be used for encryption process of transactions, application, and communication. Apart from all of these, users can also enable the Bitcoin transaction to create multi-layer encryption.

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