How To Download Movies From MegaBox HD Movies App Using ADM


This days, there are apps for almost anything on the internet, technology has really made things a little bit easier. Gone are the days one need to buy movies video tapes or movies CD(s) but now, you will agree with that the percentage of those downloading movies or tv shows and series from the internet are much more than those who buys movies CDs. In this article we are going to be talking about how to download movies from MegaBox HD using ADM (Advanced download manager) which is far better than the app default downloader.

This application has gained considerable popularity in the last three months’ time, and the only reason behind such a mass success is its error-less working that is pleasing more users day by day.

Megabox HD App Features:

  • Content Collection: This app focuses on gathering content for all age groups. Whether you love old or new movies, this app would never disappoint you.
  • Watch movies in High-definition: This app provides HD content for free.
  • Optimized movie, videos, and TV shows galleries: When you visit its galleries section, you will find that the content is well-organized according to the type of the music and genres. You also get an option to create a list of your own where you can save your favorites and watch later.
  • Great user-interface: Its user-interface would never disappoint you. You can easily access the content library of this app. Everything is clear and visible right in front of the screen, so try your hands over it.
  • Video Player: You can adjust the video quality depending on your needs and requirements. You get an option to save the videos and watch later whenever you get time.
  • Compatibility: This application is compatible with Android and iOS devices.
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Top 5 best sites to download movies with ease

Just like ShowBox movies app, MegaBox HD is an Android app with which you can stream unlimited movies, TV series and other videos. Moreover, you can also download the movies and videos in HD quality of your choosing. The best feature of the app is that the movies and TV series are categorized and also there is a search toolbar, so that you can easily find your favorite movies. Another key feature of the app is that the movies and videos available here are in full HD, ranging from 360p, 480p, 720p and 1080p, so you don’t have to worry about the quality.

This wonderful application for movies is has a world largest collection of movies in all genre. Initially, i used to assume Showbox movies app for Android has all the movies but giving Megabox HD a trial, i realised they even have movies Showbox doesn’t.

How To Download Movies From MegaBox HD Using Adm

Adm (advanced download manager) is a powerful download management tool for Android that lets you download files of any type to your Android device with all the comforts you’d expect from a desktop computer. It intercepts and accelerates downloads faster than apps default downloader.

Among the most outstanding features on Advanced Download Manager is the ability to choose from several different download folders depending on the file type. This means, for example, that when you download videos you can automatically save them to the ‘video’ folder, while text files will download to their corresponding folder. Keep reading to see how to download movies from MegaBox HD app using ADM which will make downloading swift and way easier compared to MegaBox HD default downloader.

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How to download movies from Showbox Android movies app using ADM

Other interesting options included in Advanced Download Manager include the ability to resume downloads stopped due to a lost connection or program downloads. Thanks to the latter you can set a download to start automatically at a particular time.

1. Download and install MegaBox HD movies app latest version from here.

2. Also download and install latest version ADM pro

3. Goto your device app menu, locate and launch MegaBox HD movies app and select any movie or tv series of your choice.

  • For instance, i want to download Jeepers Creepers III (2017) movie and i have selected it as seen from below screenshot.
how to download movies from megabox hd
Jeepers Creepers III (2017)

4. After selecting the movie, click on the “Video” tab and then click on the movie itself

5. After that, a small window will pop up, as seen below. Select “Custom” which will now bring up another window.

6. From there, select ADM as seen below which will now intercept download and you can proceed to download your movie faster and swift.


That’s it guys and we hope you enjoyed reading this article on how to download movies from MegaBox HD using adm which will intercept and download your selected movie faster without wasting much time.


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